Which to blame marks or knowledge?

Hi fellas… This is my first post… I hope you all would like it… Share more and feel free to express your views about my post… Thankyou…

Well… I am from a background of where people calculate and categorise the students on the basis of marks… This is the major issue that each and every student faces in his learning period…  Knowledge or marks

 Reasons that why marks are important?

  • First it is mandatory and like a proof that yeah!! If I scored good marks then, I have something in my head say talent
  • It boosts the confidence level for an individual.
  • Second it has became a superstition that if a person getting marks, believed to posses a wealthy brain.
  • Then, it’s that we are brought up by a society saying that marks are important and leave those knowledge back.
  • Making ourselves blindfold that when marks comes it is automatically followed by knowledge.

Reasons that why knowledge is important?

  • It gives us a path to innovation. Unless you got an clear cut knowledge about the idea, you can’t help.
  • It also deals with the social problems.
  • It provides a enthusiasm to adapt to the current situation.
  • If we got knowledge about a thing, it set a new path on solving complex problems by understanding it.
  • The most important thing it provides is that a complete knowledge can be applied anywhere.

So, then what is really important??

Yeah… It’s knowledge, we shouldn’t leave the marks or grades below… Both should be equally maintained…

Now some things to develop or acquire the knowledge.,

  • Analyse it
  • Search for it
  • Desire it
  • Search it
  • Fix it
  • Walk around it
  • Experiment it
  • Read about it
  • Write about it
  • Listen about it
  • Observe it
  • Put it in order
  • Question it
  • Define it
  • Reason it.

Thank you guys for your patience in reading, I hope you would like it… Share more, and most importantly your feedbacks is required… Since that inspire me more than anything…

                           Thank you.


Author: #innerspirits

Everyone started playing with heart's and life's , so I thought I can play with word's...😎😎😎

30 thoughts on “Which to blame marks or knowledge?”

  1. Congrats young champ. Good job. Present issue is in our education field. Even though iam a teacher I wil support knowledge than marks. Thts is a real education for a society. Example your first blog. Keep doing.

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  2. This blog gives a clear idea on how important is our knowledge rather than running behind marks. It is a good approach on the current situation prevailing in this world. Hope ur ideas travel throughout the world and bring a change in the world. Best of luck.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ” Billgates quotes..”My friends passed all the exams but I failed in some and Now they are all well qualified engineers in my company.”” Congrats… Good Work superb…

    Liked by 2 people

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