The Living Miracle…

        Hello bloggers… And welcome to the inner spirit’s. First of all I have to wish every mother a very happy mothers  day

        In today’s blog, as per today‘s scenario, let me talk about ” The Living Miracle.”

        Every creation of the God has a special meaning and beauty in it. One such beautiful creation is “Mother“. A mother is obviously a special miracle of every human being’s life. None other title would suit her.


        In His perfect plan,  God gave men and women different but complimentary roles. To the woman,  he gave the gift of giving birth to a child. Along with the child,  the woman is also reborn and a mother is  born. A good mother has been historically expected to contribute her whole life to her family. Mothers have been the glue that holds a family together, because it is up to them to provide the love, care and support needed by growing children. 

While crossing road, a boy said…

        ” Mom please hold my hand… Coz’ if I hold and something happens to me… Chances are there for me to leave… But if you hold, I know for sure that, you’ll never leave me…


 Significance o Mother:

  • She is the light of learning,
  • She is the learnerteacher,
  • She is the creative reorder,
  • She is the co-ordinator of responsibilities,
  •  And finally she is the heart of home…

    An Appeal To Reconstruction:

              Today while I was rocking in a chair… I thought why we celebrate our own birthday‘s with our friends and relatives? And why not to wish and celebrate with the lady who carry us for the past years… First in her womb after and ever in her heart… She is the only reason why we came to the living… And she is the only one heavenly creature who was the first to be happy than your friends and well-wishers now…

             Thanks Mom” Now I am realizing that I fought with you so much…even when all you wanted was for me, to win the fight with all the negativity within and around me…” 

                    ” She can replace anyone in this world… But no one in this world can replace her…”

     #my mom. 😍😘

    #inner spirit’s.


    Author: #innerspirits

    Everyone started playing with heart's and life's , so I thought I can play with word's...😎😎😎

    46 thoughts on “The Living Miracle…”

    1. “MOM” who define everything ,
      But you have defined the definition of MOM …
      This is pretty Osm …..more to go
      All the best jann 😊

      Liked by 3 people

    2. A good approach on the beautiful creation (Mother) by the creator to experience the presence of God.
      Good. Keep going with ur words to change the world’s thoughts.

      Liked by 1 person

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