Caretakers of Paradise

       Hello guys!!! And welcome to #inner spirit’s blog site… Here I come in a new swing with an appetizing script, “Caretakers of Paradise”. Let me start from here… Who are the Caretakers and which is Paradise? And how these guys are related with day-to-day life?

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        First, what is life? And what are the basic necessities of life? Answer won’t change even if our humans change… It’s Food, Water and shelter… So, whom do we consider the creators of food? God? Nope it’s not… He just showed the food, the real creators of food are our Farmers

        “God once looked down the world and asked for a keeper, who should take care of all the basic necessity issues. Each one were interested and proposed, but finally we are selected…” we are the farmers for life.

        Although tending our own garden is becoming more popular, many of us still get our food from the supermarket. It is so easy and convenient to drive over to the grocery store, grab a few items and cook a meal. Have you ever stopped to think about where the bulk of your fresh produce, vegetables, meats and other non-processed items come from? They may end their journey at the store, but they began their story on a farm. Our farmers are crucial to our economy and are vitally important to us.

         “The farmer is to be an optimistic person, or he wouldn’t still be the farmer…”

Why are they important???

  • Agriculture is the predominant occupation of two-third of working population for their livelihood.
  • Agriculture is the major source of income for about three-fourths of (Indias) populations who live in rural areas.
  • Agriculture provides not only food but also raw materials for manufacturing industries like textiles, sugar, vegetable oil, jute and even tobacco.
  • Agriculture is not only an important occupation of the people, but also way of life, culture and custom
  • Agriculture, in some countries it is considered with the consonance of farming.


        When you fed up, vexed or frustrated about life in any situation? Just think of the farmer who doesn’t worry about the winter’s chill or summer’s heat. Rembember once in your life you may need many people but you need a farmer, three times a day.

        “Farming looks mighty easy, when your plough is pen and you are thousand miles away from the farm…”

-inner spirit’s.


Author: #innerspirits

Everyone started playing with heart's and life's , so I thought I can play with word's...😎😎😎

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