My confessions.

Hi guys… Greetings!!!  Welcome to inner spirit’s. Today on considering the header “My Confessions”, I step forward to answer a familiar question that became a barricade for the blogger’s.

Why do we blog? Is this to show your capability or our time lavishing idea?

        Blogs today have become an essential part and are needed worldwide. It’s raining blogs. Life was never so tech savvy before this. Whether one needs advice, needs to share a personal experience or be aware of the views on any topic, all one needed was to gear up and punch in a few keys and write a blog.

        With the birth of blogs, conventional writing has taken a back seat. Ink is replaced by the keyboard and readers are targeted globally.  Blogging gets you the reactions from worldwide. It provides a place to say it and be heard.

Bulletins for “why do we blog ?”

  • To connect with like-minded people.
  • To create an awareness.
  • To advertise or for branding.
  • To get our voice heard or ahead.
  • To communicate or for networking.
  • For self promotion.
  • To make some sectors or people visible.
  • To help others.
  • To stay in touch.
  • To satisfy our creative idea.
  • To support some strikes.
  • To gain knowledge.

My own confession:
        I mainly do blogs because it makes me feel comfortable and cosy. I found that it’s a better and an effective way to describe an issue. I came to know about this only because of sarcasm .i.e when people are conversing, they won’t use curse words or they won’t say it directly, they use the tool named sarcasm. It’s an ironic or satirical remark that seems to be praising someone or something but is really taunting or cutting.

        Words have an immense power that only the effective writer’s can give shape and birth to it…

        Since these where my brocades, and when these hit, I do grow more than before.

Join the hands through,

Fb– inner spirit’s.

Insta– de_adrenalin_killer.

        Words can heal as more than it hurts. Provided the teller moulds it.

                 _inner spirit’s.


Author: #innerspirits

Everyone started playing with heart's and life's , so I thought I can play with word's...😎😎😎

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