Biological process or a taboo?

Hello bloggers, here comes inner spirit’s with a sensational frame, a biological process. First, what do we consider  Biological process as? Yes, it is made up of number of chemical reactions towards the growth. Just like, Digestion? Sweating? Etc…

Then why are we considering menstruation as a taboo?
 I doubted I would ever write a blog about menstruation… I mean,why would I, being a guy will write about this? These are things that scare guys and certainly are never talked about amongst guy friends.
I am certainly no expert…

So, I won’t go digging that. Let’s see it in this way, why would people use their hush voice while talking about this? It’s not a mistake, even it’s not a  thing to feel inferior about. It is just adding a feather to your crown. But they are making themselves inferior, because of the creep reason that only a women possess it. Even there are somethings that happens to men. But we are not considering it inferior. Then why do women? Answer is simple. It’s obviously because of the society.
From the time a girl first gets her period, she is told to follow some rules. Not to go to temples, not to face the statues or photos of Gods, not to enter the kitchen, not to touch the person who regularly performs rituals at home, forget about that person, do not touch anyone, do not talk about periods with your male classmates or even with your own own father!!!

I would ask why it’s the blue fluid flows in the advertisement for sanitary napkins instead of red??? 

Let me be very straight, is your mother the only person responsible for your birth? No… Then why are you not considering your father? Where is your equality gone there? Why is it that you run to your mother always?. Even he is given birth by a mother who possesses these.
These are the things to be shared from childhood. Just like a mom to a son, sister to a brother, wife to husband and daughter to her father. Why holding these? 
I post it here as part of my journey understanding the issues that women around the world face. And heart full apologies to  those whom i have hurt. Kindly share your reviews, henceforth we can grow.

It’s not to look upon women, it’s to look after them.

                —hopefully inner spirit’s.


Author: #innerspirits

Everyone started playing with heart's and life's , so I thought I can play with word's...😎😎😎

33 thoughts on “Biological process or a taboo?”

  1. Awesome shachin πŸ™‚ feeling proud for the first time ! Proved you are diff from normal man, fingers cross for future manhood, Keep up the good work.

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