The Real Orphans…

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          I first pledge my heartful thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement. Since it was my first blog, there could have been some mistakes and I’ve tried my level best to rectify those and improve myself. Once again I thank you for your compliments and comments. Hope you like my blog. Happy Blogging!

Today I’ve come up with an unvoiced topic – THE REAL ORPHANS.

        The most heartbreaking fact is that about 4% of India’s child population ranging upto 20 million are orphans. Most of these children have been abonded by their parents. A new study estimates that only 0.3% of these children’s parents are dead.


             The word orphan refers to a child whose parents are dead due to some unavoidable circumstances. But in our current generation orphan refers to an abonded child. 


           As we all know the foster families rendera great support to these orphans by providing them basic necessity, educational support and financial support. 

        But every children and adult needs the support of a permanent family. Right from being toddler to becoming an adolescent,  a child must be brought up with parental care and affection. Family also gives them traditional background and ethical values. Being empathetic towards children has become mandatory today which would help in betterment of the child. Financial support can help them to grow up but doesn’t make them a whole human with traditional and ethical values which could be provided only by a permanent family by their love, affection and care which would help them create an identity for themselves in this society in which they were left abonded. 

Adopting one child doesn’t  change the world… But for the Child the whole world changes…